“In business, as in life and love, it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.”

From the page or the stage, Anita motivates others to dynamic break-throughs with her real, raw, and relevant messages. Known for making audiences both laugh and cry, sometimes within the same breath, Anita marries her inspirational messages to practical points. She blends mind, heart, body, and spirit to address common traumas, relational fractures, and communication chaos, destroying personal and professional productivity, peace, and profitability.

Anita fulfills her mission to help 21st century women and men make fresh starts with fresh faith, offering a roadmap to real hope and deep healing. Anita’s own Jobette season, where she experienced a tsunami of traumatic events, one rolling over the other, propelling her into a black abyss, taught her that it’s never too late to make a fresh start with fresh faith. Her own dramatic story proves her encouragement for those who are hurting, “You can get through what you won’t get over.”

Because of her professional history, experiential empathy for those with wounded hearts, and knowledge on how work affects home and home affects work, Anita uses her expertise to help organizations deal with human issues in effective ways.

Common traumas, depression, anxiety, and PTSD in the everyday woman or man, those things we too often disregard or attempt to ignore, cost us countless measures of time, money, and energy — both on personal and professional levels. Anita helps people and organizations identify invisible drains where losses are greatest, in order to assist them in forming potent plugs, so they can rebuild their most valuable resources. Anita tells her clients, “The world is full of hurting people hungry for a fresh start. I am visible proof that it’s never too late to make a fresh start with fresh faith. There are inspirational, motivational, and practical things you can do to help propel yourself through the next moment when the thought of surviving an entire day feels like too much.”

Where people are involved, Anita knows relationships exist. Whether speaking on marriage, parent/child issues, inter-work processes, customer service, or powerful communication skills, Anita targets the fact that human relationships are all around us. They affect our health, wealth, happiness, and overall welfare.

Anita says, “I want people dealing with matters of business, life, or love to realize when a relationship is fractured, dis-ease invades all other areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial. If the fracture takes place at work, our home life is impacted. If a breach happens at home, our work suffers. But there are simple yet powerful ways to heal those broken places, restoring us to greater productivity, peace, and profitability.”

Her work includes: Multi-published author, her titles include Amazon Best Seller and Readers’ Favorite International Book Award winner, Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over, Barbour Publishing, and Healing Fractured Relationships. She has also had many articles published in popular online and print magazines, including, but not limited to, More to Life and Thriving Family.

Anita is an Inspirational Business/Life Coach with clients crossing various industries throughout America. She’s an engaging International Keynote and Session Speaker since 2007, former co-host of Engaging Life and Leadership podcast, regular guest on Coroner Talk podcast, and she’s been a featured interview on multiple syndicated and prominent radio/podcast programs. Anita’s popularity comes not from perfection, but from authentic revelation born from true life experience.

Book Anita for your next event and your audience members will leave inspired and motivated to make their own fresh starts with fresh faith — it’s never too late.


Introducing Anita Agers Brooks
“In business, as in life and love, it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.”
Area of Expertise Relationship Specialist, Certified Personality Trainer, Common Trauma Expert, Certified Communications Specialist, Certified Leadership Training Facilitator, Fresh Starts, Patient Advocacy, Human Resources
Genre Award-winning, Amazon best-selling author, International Speaker, Inspirational Business/Life Coach, Podcast Co-host, Corporate/Organizational Trainer
Offers Keynote, Closer, Session, Panelist, Spokesperson, Trainer
Topics Healing from Common Traumas, Compassion Fatigue Dangers and Defenses, Improving Home/Work Relationships, Marriage, Motivational/Inspirational, Patient Advocacy, Personality with Purpose, Fresh Starts with Fresh Faith, Church Leadership/Congregation Motivation
Suitable Events Christian, Corporate and Fundraising, Conferences, Retreats, Workshops,             Seminars, Regional Events, Luncheons/Dinners, Healthcare, Colleges/Schools, Churches, Cruise Bookings, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement
Suitable Audiences Adults mixed, business professionals, board members/business owners, human resource professionals, church leadership groups, patient advocacy groups, government groups, emergency management/law enforcement groups, women’s groups, mother/daughter, marriage improvement/maintenance groups
Travels From St. Louis, Missouri (STL)
Fee Range
Single Message:
Multiple Messages:
Major Conference:
$250 – 7,500
$800 – 12,000

What others say:

“After speaking to a crowded arena with over 5,000 present in the morning, Anita Brooks drew over 600 students into a packed Cullen auditorium at ACU the same evening to hear a special presentation on the importance of integrity in the workplace. Mark Lewis, assistant dean of spiritual life at ACU, said, “I was blown away by the number of students which showed up considering this was a Monday after a major campus event and chapel attendance is usually low.”

We originally intended on needing only half the auditorium but had to take advantage of the full seating capacity after students continued to pour in. Students were thoroughly engaged in the forum demonstrated by the thoughtful questions they asked. Several students even came up afterward to ask questions about the workplace and best practices on how to land a job.

Anita clearly struck a chord with our students and the topic of her lecture was a meaningful, timely topic students wanted to hear about.” — Ryan Self, Abilene Christian University

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Sample Prior Bookings         

Corporate: Roosevelt Hospital Administrator’s Leadership Conference — Clovis, NM; SLU Hospital Organ Transplant Surgeons and OR Nurses Conference — St. Louis, MO; Mid-Missouri Transplant Services — St. Louis, MO; Healthcare conferences — multiple national locations; Various high school assemblies — multiple schools; Power Circle Resort Owners semi-annual meetings since 2007 — multiple national and international locations; National Paddlesports Association Conferences — Palm Springs, FL; National RV Association Conference — Orlando, FL; State campground, resort, paddlesports, and other recreational conferences — multiple national locations; Emergency management services and law enforcement conferences — multiple locations; Steelville Arts Council Writer’s Roundtable — Steelville, MO; Author to Author Writer’s Workshop — Jefferson City, MO; Gaston College Teacher’s Training Conference — Gaston, NC; Missouri Major Case Squad seminar trainer — multiple state locations.

Christian: Abilene Christian University Staff/Faculty/Student Motivation Week — Abilene, TX; Marriage Tune-Up Conference at Living Word Church — Leasburg, MO; Christian Life Center Leadership/Purpose Conference — Rolla, MO; Advanced Writer’s and Speaker’s Conference panel moderator — Orlando, FL; Baptist Secretary Association of Missouri — Jefferson City, MO; Happy New You women’s conference — Bourbon, MO; Fresh Starts women’s conference — Haysville, KS; Stonecroft Women’s Connections — multiple national locations.

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