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Jul 30

Christian Event Publication

Yada Christian Event Promotions

Promoting any event is difficult. Promoting Christian events requires even greater sensativity.

So imagine how thrilled we were to find Yadah Christian Ministry Promotions Event Planners/Organizers can post their events and get world-wide promotions by Christians for Christians! If that weren’t enough there are also a number of great resources for Meeting Planners.

EKS is …

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Jul 19

Tip for Meeting–Survey your Group’s Needs and Gifts!

Tip for Meeting Planners–Survey your Group’s Needs and Gifts!

My husband has pastored off and on during our 24 years of marriage and is currently a worship musician. A few years ago, when he was pastoring at a church in Malibu, I had the chance to co-lead our Women’s Ministry. What an eye-opener! I can’t …

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Jul 15

Event Planners Embracing New Media Options

It’s no secret that the overall event industry has taken a significant hit over the past 4-5 years. We spoke to a veteran author and speaker from Florida last week who shared that he knows of several high-powered presenters who have been forced to lower their rates to keep busy. As unfortunate as this is for …

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Jun 03

Economical Event Planning

EKS is ever working to find ways to assist Meeting Planners. One of the major considerations when planning any event is costs.  If you’re merely entertaining the idea of hosting or co-hosting (co-hosting is a great way to save on costs) an event, we want to talk with you!  We can bring together top-notch Christian communicators …

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May 20

Seeking Venue Recommendations

Exceptional Keynote Speakers is always seeking ways to assist Meeting Planners. One way is to provide a resource list of highly recommended venues.

If you know of an excellent venue for corporate or Christian organizations to hold events, let us know all about it. Tell us the name, address and contact detail. Tell us who …

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Apr 30

Tip #1: How to Save Money When Booking an Out of Area Speaker


So, you want to get a “known-name” Presenter but you’re not sure you can afford him or her. Consider learning when they are already booked to speak in your area and see if you can “piggy-back” your event. Most Presenters will at least pro-rate their air fare between you and their other clients, and very …

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Apr 02


Welcome to the EKS Blog!

We’re delighted that you have found us! This Blog will prove to be a dynamic source for the Meeting Planner. We know there are many dilemmas you face when planning an event — from an intimate retreat to a regional conference — there are always details to be resolved and …

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